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A Servant to Time and Consequence [userpic]
Coffee and tea and an open RP...
by A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger)
at February 11th, 2007 (01:34 pm)

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Characters: Ten, Any
Open/Close: Open
RP Status: Active

Location: Paris, France, Earth
Date: November 24th, 2014

There were probably worse ways to spend a weekend, and the Doctor yawned a bit, glancing out over the rather pretty cityscape of France before him. Odd, that was. He could still pin Paris as a location to a companion in particular, just as he could pin Croyden and Brisbane did. And now, a small cafe in the middle of the busy Parisian streets reminded him of a certain time, a certain person, and he couldn't help but smile, just a bit. There was that, at least.

He took a sip of his tea and eyed one of the chips on his plate a bit warily. He wished he'd had Rose there to explain the vinegar, she was always rather good at explaining silly human things like condiments when he was confused.

He shrugged, taking a bite and then glancing at the paper. Neo-Nazism in the French presidency again. Maybe he should've vacationed elsewhere.

OOC: Anyone who would like to have their pup just arrive and meet up with other pups for tea and chips---hop on in! =)


Posted by: The Doctor (thecricketer)
Posted at: February 15th, 2007 03:19 am (UTC)

The Doctor blinked once, eyes wide with surprised curiosity and a hint of wary suspicion - and also a bit of annoyance. He was supposed to be the enigmatic one.

"Oh, this isn't so much a vacation as a short stop," he said cautiously, mind racing as it tried to work though a familiar yet strange sensation. One that he wasn't, by all rights, supposed to experience.

"One of my companions insisted on a break. I hope your shoes are clean." His voice took on a faintly chastising tone for the last words.

Posted by: A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger)
Posted at: February 16th, 2007 05:30 am (UTC)

"Haven't done much running today," the Doctor replied easily, "I'm on a bit of a holiday myself. Well, as much of a holiday as I can get. Well, in comparison to other people. Well...busy this morning but I'm taking a rest now."

A bright grin was offered in his other self's direction.

Posted by: The Doctor (thecricketer)
Posted at: February 17th, 2007 02:26 am (UTC)

For a moment the Doctor found himself smiling back - nasty, trick, really, he should know - but it faded back into a thoughtful expression. If he peered in the other man's eyes he could feel...a connection, tinted with nostalgia for the future.

"That's quite a lot of 'well's," he replied, amused despite himself. After considering a moment, he pulled out an empty chair and sat down, folding his hands on the edge of the table.

"You keep yourself busy, then?"

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